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White Rose Properties & Interiors Limited is a Limited Liability Company duly registered and incorporated in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission under the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria in Year 2011. At White Rose Properties & Interior Limited, we operate a boutique real estate with our unique contemporary style and total passion for connecting people with property.

Typically, White Rose Properties & Interiors Limited is into sales interior design items, Real Estate Brokerage, development, buying and selling, leasing, hospitality and asset management. We aspire to provide the ultimate real estate experience for contemporary Clients. Hence, we are not confined by traditional real estate boundaries when it comes to interior designs, real estate Brokerage, development, buying & selling, leasing, hospitality or asset management instead we are always finding new and innovative ways to satisfy our clients’ needs and beat the forefront of the Nigerian property market. White Rose Properties & Interiors Limited takes pride in its ability to locate and acquire economically sound, high-yield sales and development properties. 

Our Core Value

We as members of the company adheres strictly to these under listed core values. These values have shaped our company and can be seen in everything we do. These essential principles play a role in everything related to your property, from laying out a long-term strategy to managing the issues that come up on a daily basis.


To us at Whiterose Properties Limited, Integrity means no conflicts of interest and keeping to our words and commitments to our clients in all situations. At Whiterose Properties, we sometimes go beyond our 'comfort zones' where necessary to make sure our commitments and obligations to clients are satisfactorily met.

High Standards

We at Whiterose Properties are inclined to adopting the best practices as are obtainable anywhere in the world in our real estate business at all times. We are consistently poised to positioning ourselves as a leading 21st century property firm capable of competing favourably with its contemporaries around the globe.

Dependable Service

At Whiterose Properties, we work to consistently surprise both clients and the general public with our outstanding level of service. For our clients, this means a robust customer relation and dedication as well as making sure that our client's real estate investments through us are not only secured, but guarantees a high return on Investment within the shortest possible time.


At Whiterose Properties, we understand that each client and each property is unique, with different needs, hence we consistently evolve or adopt the best approach or system to ensure that the specific needs of our clients regarding a given property is successfully achieved. In all, clients' satisfaction is the ultimate aim in our day to day dealings.

Our Vision

To be a leading, full-service interior designs vendor, real estate brokerage, development, buying and selling, hospitality and management company with strict compliance with global best practices.

Our Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to offer our company’s service to a broader field of prospective clients looking to purchase or sell real estate.
  • To make the buying and selling of real estate as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service.
  • To provide accurate and up-to-date information, skilled analysis and sound real estate advice.
  • To continually explore new ideas and technology that will enhance our development and management portfolio thereby creating value, while complying with and maintaining global best practices.

Our commitments and goals are to

  • Work hard for our clients,
  • Deliver the services they need,
  • Look ahead to assess, evaluate and educate our clients on the impacts of potential opportunities or changes,
  • Encourage client feedback on ways we can better meet their needs.

What We Offer

An agile, flexible and highly quality experience and service delivery, suitable and reliable properties in a sublime environment, state of the Art property, product, design and decoration with a guarantee of satisfaction, Effective and total brilliance at work, all for you.

Why Choose Us

At White Rose Properties & Interiors Limited, we are committed fervently to ensuring a flexible and successful business experience to suit your unique needs efficiently. “We have delivered a number of satisfied customers over the years; still, each new job remains special on our table.